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Interior Design Services

Renovation & Update Services Love your space again...

kitchen back farther view
kitchen towards hallway view
kitchen close up
livingroom east wall
Office view
Office view 2
master ensuite
master ensuite 2nd view
livingroom other direction
Foyer view
foyer view from garage
dining room
family room as entering
upstairs bath
spare room
Redesign & Updates
Redesign is a great option for those who are looking for a change but do not wish to undergo an extensive renovation.
If you are generally happy with the space but could use some help pulling the space together, this is the service for you!
After an initial consultation, Deanna will offer suggestions to create a cohesive space. Possibilities of redesign include updating furnishings, painting fresh colors and rearranging the layout of furniture. Furniture that you are satisfied with will remain but find a better place within the room.
The main goal of redesign is rearrangement. Minor aesthetic changes will be made to create better flow, appeal and functionality.
Interior Design
Our interior design service is suitable for those who need a drastic change in their home and are open to the idea of an extensive renovation.
Interior design allows you to transform any space from top-to-bottom. This service allows you to change the style of the room and any detail about the room. Possibilities of interior design include flooring, wall coverings, lighting and furniture. 
Our knowledgeable designer, Deanna, will create a space to your specifications. 
Deanna is an expert in this field and will flawlessly incorporate your dream for the space with a practical budget.
An initial consultation is required.
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